Solar Pool Heating: FAQ and testimonials

Solar Pool Heating: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Solar Pool Heating seems expensive. How does it compare to other pool heating systems?

Answer: Solar Pool Heating saves you thousands of dollars more than a typical pool heating system. A typical pool heating system costs around 6k installed, plus the cost of annual propane of about 1k for the whole season, May through Sept. The ‘payback’ on a solar pool heating system is 2-2.5 years. And savings over the life of the system runs between 15-18k.

2. Will I need a larger pump for Solar Pool Heating, or will it slow down my existing system?

Answer: 95% of existing pool pumps can be used with the solar pool heating. Generally a 1hp or better pump is sufficient. As a side note: we do recommend, when you are ready for a new pump to upgrade to a Hayward or Pentair variable speed pump, around 1.5hp. This will save you electricity costs on your existing pool, but it is not necessary for the solar pool heating.

3. What kind of maintenance will a Solar Pool system need? What happens if it needs to be fixed?

Answer: The solar Aquatherm pool panels and controls are very low maintenance and have a 12 year warranty and we have a 5 year warranty on our workmanship. I believe most typical pool heating systems have a 1 year warranty.

Solar Pool Heating testimonials for RES Solar

"RES installed a solar heating system for our backyard pool. They were incredibly professional, easy to work with, and available as needed after installation. This is one of the best investments we've ever made, as the system will pay for itself within 5-6 years (we're on year 2). We're only using 1 tank of propane a season now (vs. 6-10 tanks in past summers) - just for the very beginning of the season to supplement solar. Best thing about the system (vs. propane heat) is it's "set it and forget it". We just set the target temp and the solar turns itself on and off as needed. It also replaces the cost and headache of a pool cover, as the solar keeps the pool temp at least 7-10 degrees hotter than the low air temp during the night. We've been night swimming all summer!"


Hingham, MA

"RES Solar installed a Hot Water solar panel system for us on our backyard shed, for our 16 x 36 inground pool. Water temp will go up a extra 3-10 degrees when desired, from the panel system. Initial phone call, sales, and install were great. Opt for the upgraded Controller, Temp Meter, and Flow Meter... Thanks!"


New Bedford, MA

"I waited 3 months to write this review, to ensure that I really had a chance to test RES solar's system thoroughly (also, i never leave reviews). My family moved to MA from NC, where it's much warmer. Needless to say, the first summer here was disappointing. Our pool barely got to 72-75 (and only for a couple days). We maybe got in the pool a dozen times the entire summer.

This year, I contacted Erica to install several panels in hopes that the pool would be warm enough for us to use consistently. I was very skeptical, but unless I was ready to pay for gas heating, I had no choice.

Erica's team was friendly and extremely responsive. The day after the install (Early May) was cold but sunny. You could CLEARLY tell that the water coming out of the returns was warm. My pool went from low 60s in early may to mid-70s in less than 10 days! We got to jump in May. As the days got longer and sunnier, my pool reached and maintained 80-90 degrees through June and July (it's 87 as of this note). This is purely incredible. We are in the pool CONSTANTLY! We swim at 8 AM, 10 PM and everything in between. I actually had to turn the heat OFF one day!

I'm a scientist, as so I thoroughly researched every possible option....and still was very skeptical prior to going with Erica. I have to say, this is the BEST money i've ever spent! My kids are ALWAYS swimming. My partner (who hates the cold) is now swimming at night with me. This was a complete success and has allowed us to fully enjoy the MA summer!"


You can find these reviews and more online here.

Extend swim season from May through September!

  • Save $1000-1500 or more depending on usage

  • No annual maintenance costs

  • 12 year warranty. Panels last 20-25 yrs

  • Easy to open and close