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Our Solar Thermal Hot Water Installer:

RES has a decade of experience specializing in Solar Hot Water, Solar Radiant Heating and Solar Pool Heating for Residential and Commercial projects throughout all of Massachusetts. Located in Cohasset, Mass RES has a full service office, showroom and warehouse to implement and manage all aspects of a solar hot water project from rebate and finance paperwork to permitting and design/ installation. We provide a full turnkey solution from design through construction. All of our system have live online monitoring 24/7 for our customers and for us to monitor and maintain. We are NABCEP Certified in Solar Heating, fully CS and HIC licensed in MA.

Contact: RES Solar , 978-761-0597

Why Solar Thermal?

(Hot Water, Radiant Heating and Pool Heating)

Solar thermal can reduce hot water loads by up to 75%. It is the most efficient renewable energy resource with an efficiency of 85%. The best part of using solar hot water is you keep 100% of the energy you produce. All systems are low maintenance with FREE live online monitoring for life. Aggressive incentives from MassCEC and the DOER have made Solar Hot Water very affordable. And with a MassSave 0% interest loan, you can install Solar Hot Water with no money needed up front.

  • Solar Pool Heating saves $1200 - $2500 a year

  • Works with any existing hot water system

  • Perfect 2-3 collector system for families 2-6 people

  • Turnkey solution installs in 2-3 days

  • MassCEC & DOER incentives save 70% on project costs

  • Works ALL year round

  • Save $400-$1100 a year on heating costs

About Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar thermal hot water systems use the energy of the sun to heat water for use in your home’s hot water system. Solar hot water systems reduce the usage of traditional water heating fuels (such as oil, electricity, or natural gas) and thereby reduce the amount you spend purchasing these fuels. Rebates of up to $3,500 are available, with higher incentive for low- and moderate-income customers. (From MassCEC website)

How Solar Thermal Hot Water Works

A diagram explaining how Solar Hot Water works.

Solar Hot Water for Pool Heating

Extend swim season from May through September!

  • Save $1000-1500 or more depending on usage

  • No annual maintenance costs

  • 12 year warranty. Panels last 20-25 yrs

  • Easy to open and close

Have questions about Pool Heating with Solar Hot Water? Check out our new FAQ and testimonial page.

You can also contact Matt at RES Solar: 978-761-0597

A roof-mount system for Solar Hot Water pool heating

A ground-mount system for Solar Hot Water pool heating

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Solar Hot Water: a case study video

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