• "We've had an 8KW ground-mount system since October, 2013. The panels recently rolled over producing 50MWh, so they're cranking away, making our electric bill negligible for six months of the year! We recently added some panels to our roof to accommodate other future technology such as a second electric vehicle or electric home heating." Carolyn and Rand Barthel, Mendon

Battery Storage

  • "When there was a power outage on my street recently, the switch to backup power was seamless. It was a load off my mind to know that I wouldn't lose all the food in my fridge in a power outage." Alejna Brugos, Mendon

  • "Because we live in a wooded area of town, we recently installed battery storage in our basement for backup during power outages. A couple of days ago, a powerful storm came through knocking our electricity out. It was comforting to know our well and food refrigeration were safe." Carolyn and Rand Barthel, Mendon

Electric Vehicles

  • "We love our Chevy Bolt. It has room for my 6’3” husband, two large dogs, me and much more. The 2020 Bolt will drive 259 miles +/- on a full charge. It is so easy to plug it in overnight in the charging station in our garage and have it fully charged in the morning. We never have to go to a gas station, because it runs on sunshine (we have solar PV for our electricity). And it is fun to drive! It has great pick-up and it's quick, very responsive and nimble." Anne Mazar, Mendon

  • "We bought our all-electric Chevy Bolt in 2017 and we've never regretted it! It's zippy with virtually no maintenance. We installed a Level II Charging Station in our garage and our solar panels make it 100% clean energy! We've traveled a number of long-distance trips and found charging stations along the way, and more are being installed all the time." Carolyn and Rand Barthel, Mendon

PHOTO: Photo By Anne S. Mazar.

Green energy technologies combined: Solar PV, Batteries and Ground Source Heat Pump together

"To reduce our carbon footprint, we have installed solar panels, a battery backup system, and, for a downstairs master suite, a geothermal well with a heat pump that provides both heat and air conditioning. The solar panels (15 KWH installed 2013) without a doubt is the best financial investment we have ever made. We have saved over $28,000 in electrical bills alone based on electrical costs in 2013. With the SRECs and tax credits, the system was completely paid for in less than 5 years.

"The geothermal/heat pump system uses our surplus electricity, which is net metered, so there is effectively no cost to heat or cool that 968 square feet of our home.

"We installed 2 batteries in December 2017 to eliminate the need for a backup generator which used fossil fuels. We could use the batteries for nighttime use but have chosen to use our National Grid credits when the panels are not generating enough electricity instead. Since the batteries have been installed, the batteries have provided 20 hours of backup electricity in 19 events.

"With the three systems, we have reduced our carbon footprint significantly and not paid an electric bill since the panels were installed." Peggy Veal, Mendon