Financial Incentives for Electric Vehicles

It’s cheaper to drive on electricity than gasoline.

  • The average New Englander can save up to $600 a year in fuel costs alone. Lower maintenance costs for EVs means that you’ll also spend less time and money repairing your car.

    • EVs save as much as $1,800 in maintenance and repair over the first five years of ownership due to no oil changes or engine inspections.

    • Electric cars are simpler machines and have fewer moving parts, so the motor is less likely to break down, saving you the grief of unexpected car trouble and big bills from the mechanic.

    • Data shows that lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars hold up over time so you don't have to worry about replacing the battery.

For more details on savings, visit the Consumer Savings page at Drive Green.

Federal Tax Credits & State Rebates

For full details on these programs, please visit the Drive Green page on Rebates And Incentives On Electric Cars