Solar Electric (Photovoltaics)

About Solar PV

For many residents, business owners, and municipalities throughout Massachusetts, installing a solar electric system is a smart investment that converts clean, free sunlight to electricity, reduces air pollution, reduces or eliminates monthly electricity bills, and contributes to the local economy by creating local jobs and supporting local businesses. (From MassCEC)

Solar electric systems, also known as solar photovoltaics or solar PV, convert sunlight into electrical energy through an array of solar panels that connect to a building's electrical system or directly to the electrical grid. (From How it works on MassCEC website.)

Learn about the basics of solar electricity, at the MassCEC About Solar page.

Coming soon to this site: short instructional videos about getting Solar PV for your home or business through the Mendon-Upton Solarize Mass Plus Program.

Our installer: ACE Solar

ACE Solar has been ranked the #1 Residential Solar Contractor in Massachusetts for 4 years running, and in the top 5 for Rooftop Solar in the country. We’re a local family and Veteran owned business centered around exemplary customer service. We have an average 5-star rating across the board because we get the job done on time and on budget. We only use Tier-1 materials to offer you the highest quality installation, long lasting energy generation, and a 20-year workmanship warranty. We are competitively priced and always offering options to fit everyone’s budget. Going solar is a life changing decision, it’s a lot easier and more affordable than you might think, and we are here for you every step of the way to make it happen."

About ACE Solar

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Solar PV 101 Mendon Upton.mp4

Solar Electric Systems 101

Learn some basics about Solar PV in this video from our partners at MassCEC.

Why Go Solar with ACE Solar?

Riverwalk Solar System in Lawrence, MA

Check out these Solar PV projects from our Solar PV installer, ACE Solar

North Truro, MA

8.96 kW LG 320 Panels

Reading, MA

8.64 kW LG 320 Panels

North Andover, MA 1

5.12kW LG 360

Truro, MA

9.715 kW LG 335 Panels

East Greenwich, MA

8.82 kW Hanwa 315 Panels

Roslindale, MA

7.68 kW Hanwa 320 Panels

North Truro, MA

4.12 LG 335 Panels

Nahant, MA

7.2 LG 360 Panels

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ACE Solar offers to donate the benefits of a 25kW solar PV system to a Mendon or Upton area school, nonprofit or community organization

ACE Solar will donate the benefits of a 25 kW system to a nonprofit if Mendon-Upton Solarize Mass Plus program exceeds 250 kW of installed solar capacity in Mendon and Upton. The Solarize program is close; only 2-3 more solar PV systems need to be installed at Mendon or Upton homes or businesses to reach the goal. The school, nonprofit or community organization would save money on their electric bills and 25 kW of solar power would be added to the community, which annually would offset the equivalent of emissions from burning 25,000 pounds of coal each year.

You can help us reach our goal! Consider getting a free estimate for Solar PV from ACE Solar.

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