Frequently Asked Questions

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This program is now scheduled to end June 15, 2021*

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Contracts must be signed by June 15.

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How will the program function during the COVID pandemic?

Our priority during this COVID health crisis is to offer the program while recognizing the requirements to wear masks, adhere to physical distancing, minimize exposure, and coordinate efforts with the installers to maintain everyone’s health. Our initial line of questioning in interviews with potential installers has been regarding details about their COVID protocols to assure potential customers’ safety. Communication among customers, the town volunteers and the installers will happen by telephone, web conferencing, email, social media, and any other remote safe method that we can think of! Primarily community events will be offered via web conferencing; however, later in the program, if deemed safe, there may be a possibility of in-person community events with masks and careful physical distancing, but that would be the exception.

How long will the Mendon Upton Solarize Mass Plus program last?

Due to the COVID pandemic, Mass Clean Energy Center has been flexible in working with us about the length of the program, but it may last till March, 2021. However, installing any of these technologies during 2020 will provide a federal tax credit of 26% which will reduce in 2021 to 22%, giving an incentive to participate early in the program.

I’ve been receiving flyers and calls from other installers outside the program. Why should I consider the Solarize Plus installers instead?

The Solarize Plus program installers have been selected by your community volunteers, as a part of a competitive process, with technical support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and third-party technical consultants. Moreover, the selected installers are usually able to substantially discount their pricing because of the bulk-pricing from town wide participation. Other installers cannot offer those assurances.

I already have solar PV on my property. Can I participate?

Yes! In fact, you may want to expand your ability to use solar PV for other technologies so check them out! You may also want to consider the opportunity to add additional solar PV to your property, add a solar storage battery for back-up power or buy an Electric Vehicle (EV) that could run on the sunshine from your solar panels.

I wanted to sign up for solar in the 2012 Solarize Mendon and the 2016 Solarize Upton programs, but my property didn’t qualify. Should I consider participating again?

Yes! Back in 2012, solar PV often required roof orientations from southwest to southeast, but now solar panels have become so much more efficient and less expensive, it can be worthwhile to install solar PV on roofs facing east or west or even ground mount arrays. Our program also offers technologies that can be installed independently, such as solar hot water on roofs not as well-suited for solar PV. The program also offers additional ways to add clean energy to your home such as energy efficient heating and cooling technologies (air source and ground source heat pumps), and Electric Vehicles.

Can out-of-town residents and small business owners participate in the program?

No, only homeowners and small business owners in the towns of Mendon and Upton can participate. If you would like to see your own community participate in a future Solarize Mass Plus program, check out the program on the Mass Clean Energy Center website and consider applying for your town in the future. We encourage you to learn about the different technologies available in this program as you can still pursue these options independently.