Mendon-Upton Solarize Mass Plus

What is Solarize Mass Plus?

This program is a cooperative effort between the state, local officials, clean energy technology installers, volunteers, and residents coming together to spread the word on the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy technologies.

Mendon-Upton Solarize Mass Plus will offer residents and small businesses education and information on solar photovoltaics (PV), battery storage for solar PV, solar thermal hot water, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and electric vehicles (EV).

The program results in reduced pricing by using a competitive installer selection process and aggregating homeowner buying power to lower installation price for participants. This program will only be continuing a few more weeks--it's scheduled to wrap up May 31, 2021 June 15, 2021. Sign up for a free estimate with any (or all!) of our 5 partner installers by June 15th to take advantage of our special pricing for Mendon and Upton homeowners and businesses.

Learn more about each of the technologies we offer by clicking the links below.

Questions? Contact us.

ACE Solar offers to donate the benefits of a 25kW solar PV system to a Mendon or Upton area school, nonprofit or community organization

ACE Solar will donate the benefits of a 25 kW system to a nonprofit if Mendon-Upton Solarize Mass Plus program exceeds 250 kW of installed solar capacity in Mendon and Upton. The Solarize program is close; only 2-3 more solar PV systems need to be installed at Mendon or Upton homes or businesses to reach the goal. The school, nonprofit or community organization would save money on their electric bills and 25 kW of solar power would be added to the community, which annually would offset the equivalent of emissions from burning 25,000 pounds of coal each year.

You can help us reach our goal! Consider getting a free estimate for Solar PV from ACE Solar.

Help us choose a nonprofit here!

New Mass Save rebate for Geothermal systems!

May 14, 2021: Mass Save just released a new rebate for electric heating and cooling equipment for customers currently heating with fuel oil or propane.

$2,000 rebate/ton of cooling capacity up to a maximum of $15,000.

As we move into the last few weeks of our program, we'll be celebrating our love for our towns by giving away gifts each week. We'll have lots of prizes, and lots of ways to win! Learn more and sign up here!

Free zoo tickets!

The first 10 people from Mendon or Upton who get a free estimate for any one of the Solarize clean energy technologies or test drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) through our program can receive 2 free tickets to Southwick's Zoo, valued at $50. Thank you, Southwick's!

Just mention to the installer who gives you the free estimate or test drive that you are interested in the two free tickets. If you are one of the first 10 people, we will mail you the two tickets once your estimate or test drive is complete. The first ten people will be determined by the date of when the free estimate or test drive is completed. (Limit 2 tickets per household.)

The clean energy technologies are Solar PV, Solar Battery backup, Clean Heating and Cooling (Air Source Heat Pump and Geothermal), Solar Hot Water, and Electric Vehicles. For questions, email us at

An interactive webinar presentation on the Clean Energy Home was be held on Tuesday, February 23, hosted by the Mendon and Upton libraries. We're posting the videos from the event here!